Memory Lessons and Coaching

Interested in Learning the Fundamentals?  

For individuals:  While Memory Techniques can seem daunting at first, the fundamentals are easy to pick up and especially so if you have a personal coach to help you in the early stages. 

We offer a coaching service for individuals.   

People perhaps like you who have heard of  memory development techniques but really don't know where to start.

You start at the beginning.   It's a very good place to start.

We help you step by step to build up the little tools you need to learn to memorise.  One "think" at a time.

How Long Will it Take?

If you are genuinely interested, and are able to devote a limited amount of your time to learning the fundamentals of memory techniques. you can make quick progress and within a month you can learn to encode (that means put information into a form that is "memory-friendly"), and have at our disposal at least one hundred memory slots, each slot with the capacity to store multiple pieces of information such as prepared speeches, foreign vocabulary, complex information that you need for your business or studies, a detailed mental diary or schedule.  

Most Memory Systems Are Truly Transferable

Submit to memory: Most memory systems are transferable, so it does not really matter what you want to use your new found skill for, the fundamentals can be used as you wish. 

Where you wish to learn memory techniques to help with a new project, interest or job, studying for an exam, key facts and concepts, how to memorise numbers (such as telephone numbers or even long strings), lists of words, foreign vocabulary, or music or lyrics  we can help with most types of memory challenge.   The fundamentals are just that, a building block to use as you wish and to apply as you wish.

If you have any questions please contact us: