Visual Test and Practice and Memory Matters Video – TEST

A visual Recognition Test is a way to demonstrate to you - yes you - just how powerful your memory for images is.  In the following video there are several hundred images played before your eyes at the rate of one a second.   You might not believe this, but you have such a powerful memory for images that you will remember every single one of these.

What the video a minimum of three times.

Many of the images are of locations, this shows you that you can always remember places.  One of the objectives of this is as step one in developing memory palaces.   First you need a location.  

Other images are of people's faces.  If you think your memory for places is good, well your memory for faces is even better.   Associating a face with a place is one of the most powerful 'tricks', that memory experts advocate.

You will see a lot of crossroads in the video, this is related to the Crossroads Memory Method. we detail on another page.   Do not try to learn anything, just notice how many crossroads and crosses and layouts in that form there are in the video. 

Encoding with Association and Symbols 
Though we have not used any words in this video presentation, your brain is so quick at making associations there will be symbols which you associate with ideas, concepts and whole creeds, at first it may not sink in, but you are associating these symbols all the time.  

I will say again this is no more than a demonstration of the tools you have at your disposal.   When you start to take an interest, you will then learn how to use them the other way around.  You will take information, you will encode it using associations with symbols and people and faces and you will put them into a place you know, that#'s how you learn to learn and learn to memorise. 

But for now... just watch.  




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