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By combining memory techniques and music theory
Anyone can learn how to encode strings of numbers, when those string represent musical notes, you can play them.
It is MUCH the easiest method for learning new music quickly.

Let me tell you about it..

What you don’t find in music theory books: How to Memorise Music using a PAO system…

Know a bit of music theory? Up to Grade Five? You know your scale degrees? You do? Great!

Also know a simple PAO memory technique for encoding numbers? Or a Peg system? Can you memorise sixty to one hundred numbers in quarter of an hour? You can? Great!

Here’s a watered down idea from Memory Matters, please note this is posted as a test page and is not a comprehensive article.

Here’s sixty four numbers arranged in sixteen groups of four.
Any memory enthusiasts will be able to memorise this in fifteen minutes. Pick your palace or your journey…

3032 1050 6554 3000 3034 6050 423#4 5000
3032 1050 5443 2000 2034 3214 3020 1000

So you have memorised this string of numbers?

So what is this?
if you note that there are no 8s or 9s that might give you a clue: These numbers are degrees of the major scale used in music.

This is soprano voice (or melody part) of a famous Hymn called “Abide with me.” One of the reasons we use this as an example is that it is very familiar to people in the UK.

(Memorise the string above then play them as degrees of the Major Scale. As for the zeros.. just hold the previous note.
It’s in four four time.

What Key?

Any key!

You choose…

Now do not PANIC, it’s just a string of numbers.

So if you play it in C Major: 3032 1050 6554 3000 is equal to: BAR1] E-ED 2] C-G- 3] AGGF 4] E— 5] etc.
In Eb Major the original Key: 3032 1050 6554 3000 is equal to: BAR1] G-GF 2] Eb-Bb- 3] CBbBbAb 4]G— 5] etc.

of course this will make no sense to anyone who is not a musician and a memory buff. It is given as an example of what you can do if you learn a quick technique for memorising numbers.

The message: By combining memory techniques and music theory
Anyone can learn how to encode strings of numbers.
Music is just strings for numbers.




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