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Applied Memory Systems can be the icing on the cake for deepening your knowledge of any subject that excites you. Be it music or management, languages or laundry, history or your story, writing or ringing what you know can be so-much-easier with a memory strategy. This web site, Memory Matters is a wee place for compiled musings from a Glaswegian Memory Enthusiast (who is learning to use word press...). There are examples, descriptions, images and representations of applied memory systems, references and links to books and studies and biographies of pioneers who developed some of the most used systems. The hope is that some of these examples, fingers crossed will be interesting enough to inspire or ignite you TO LOOK INTO memory techniques that you can use in your own life. Some of the posts will seem amateurish. That's inevitable. They are made by an amateur who is learning by doing. Copy that. Thanks for your visit.

Memory Matters, matters to do with applied memorising of what matters to you.

Memory Matters examples of all matters to do with memory.